Getting married in Italy is the perfect opportunity to explore the country’s rich cultural and artistic heritage as well as discover the infinite gastronomical and naturalistic treasures this beautiful and generous land has to offer.


Foto: Berni Photography

You don’t get married everyday – especially in another country – and there are so many things to take care of that the whole experience can easily become overwhelming. You want to remember your wedding day for the right reasons; this is why it is important to choose carefully the professionals who will assist you in this exciting but not always straightforward journey.

You of course need someone who has the sensitivity and creative skills to give shape to your dreams and ideas but you also want someone who knows all the practical ins and outs of the profession. That’s exactly who we are.

We can help you realize your romantic vision, transform a mood into a tangible event, design your fairytale wedding, all the while we deal discreetly and efficiently with all organizational aspects so that your only worry will be to have the time of your life.

Our highly personalized approach is tailored on your needs, imagination and budget. Are you thinking of an intimate wedding surrounded by your close ones? Or would you prefer a lavish reception? Perhaps a romantic elopement? Let us know what you are looking for and we will design, plan and style the most memorable wedding. Whatever you desire, we can make it happen.

Why don’t you take a moment to take a peak at our packages and services and see how we can help you make that big day a perfect one?