“The azure path of Heaven’s steep”

Percy Bysshe Shelley

If there is one place that can be considered synonymous with Italy, that would be the Cinque Terre (the Five Lands). This iconic stretch of coast covers the Gulf of La Spezia, on the Ligurian Sea, and has often been immortalized in films and popular culture, its distinct character making it a symbol of the exuberant and exciting Italian way of life. Jump into La Dolce Vita, plan your wedding in Italy with us and experience the Cinque Terre to the heart.

The Cinque Terre, also known as the Bay of Poets, are a unique destination that has enthralled generations of international artists: Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and John Keats all fell under this prodigious land’s spell. And it is not difficult to understand why. With its heritage going back to the Etruscans, the Cinque Terre are an inimitable example of nature, human intellect and art perfectly complementing each other.

Dazzling villages, opulent vegetation, and shimmering waters, all exist side-by-side seamlessly. The famous hillside terraces where precious olive trees and vineyards are grown to excellence roll gently towards the blue Mediterranean Sea. Ancient medieval castles and monasteries, colorful hamlets, and art nouveau palazzos rhythmically dot these picturesque slopes.

Cinque Terre Wedding

A sweet and temperate climate all year round guarantees a phenomenal variety of crops and fruitage. The Cinque Terre are in fact a hotly tipped destination for food and wine enthusiasts. That certainly doesn’t come as a surprise as the area is home to some of the most impressive Italian culinary inventions, just think of pesto, farinata, and focaccia ligure, without mentioning the innumerable seafood dishes typical of literally every village.

So, after you have smelled all the exquisite flowers, you have wandered through the pretty streets of Monterosso or Riomaggiore, you have filled your eyes with incomparable beauty and your bellies with the most delicious food, what is left to do? The answer is plenty. The Cinque Terre are a never-ending source of excitement, for the mind, the palate, and the body. You can go for a hike on one of the world-famous cliffside trails, like the Sentiero Azzurro, you can decide it is time to finally learn windsurfing or canoeing, or you can simply go fishing: above and under water.

A lifetime in the Cinque Terre wouldn’t be enough to exhaust all their charms. You are lucky that we at Princess Wedding are absolute experts in every Cinque Terre matter. Don’t be shy! Ask us anything you want to know about how to make that perfect Italian wedding you have been dreaming of a wonderful reality.

Photo: Rebecca Arthurs