“Alp meets Heaven”

Robert Browning

Lake Orta is often called the most romantic lake in Italy. Its astonishing yet tranquil beauty makes it the perfect destination for an intimate wedding or for a dreamy getaway. The atmosphere of these shores and valley is nothing short of idyllic, some have said almost supernatural. If you are looking for a most spellbinding and heavenly setting for your big day, you have found it.

Even if relatively less known to the greater public, lake Orta is every one bit as special as its other more famous sister lakes (lake Como and lake Maggiore). Many have noted that one of the place’s most remarkable features is its ever-changing light, no hour is like the other, and every moment is unique and magical. The quietness of these waters, the out-of-time feeling of these peaks, forests, and hamlets have made lake Orta the favored hideaway for poets and artists alike.

Honoré de Balzac, Robert Browing, and Lord Byron have all dedicated stunning words to the ravishing nature and captivating architecture of this secluded gem. The relationship between lake Orta and literature is so strong that to this day, every Fall, an international festival of English poetry is held on the isle of San Giulio, the lake’s most prominent island, a superb example of Renaissance style and a certified UNESCO site.

Your perfect Lake Orta Wedding

What really makes you fall in love with lake Orta is the perfect combination of unspoiled naturalistic beauty, artistic excellence, and unequaled hospitality. The locals are known for their warmth, kindness, and their incredible ability to make you feel welcome. The authenticity of its inhabitants extends to lake Orta’s culinary and artisanal tradition, with an abundance of typical products to choose from, be it cheeses, cured meats, delicacies, or competently crafted objects and furniture. Just take a stroll around one of the many lovely medieval villages, like Orta San Giulio or Omegna, and see, touch, and taste for yourselves the immense cultural richness of the region.

We at Princess Wedding are very fond of this area and have been organizing destination weddings in lake Orta for many years. There is no shortage of exclusive wedding venues here and we know all of them. If you’re thinking of eloping to Italy, there is no better destination, really. Let us help you plan the dreamiest event of your life, we will take care of every detail of your own personal fairy-tale destination wedding in Italy.

Photo: Duepunti Wedding Photography