“Sweet as Love”

William Wordsworth

If you were to think of an elegant lake, in a striking valley, at the feet of the most monumental mountains in Europe, chances are your mind would be going straight to lake Como. The spectacularly shaped lake – located just a few kilometers north-west of one of the continent’s leading fashion capitals – is Italy’s most renowned. If you want your wedding in Italy to be all about luxury and glamour, there is no other place like lake Como. Let us help you plan the most stylish and chicest event you can dream of.

Lake Como has been the A-listers’ destination of choice for many years, centuries to be precise. Anybody who was somebody ended up on these shores at some point or another. Famed politicians, such as Winston Churchill, John. F. Kennedy, and even Napoleon, found solace and peace of mind here, artists like Leonardo were inspired by the placid and graceful nature surrounding these littorals, composers as genial as Verdi echoed the lake’s atmospheric allure in their creations.

In most recent years, the Film industry’s royalty started populating the coastal villages more permanently and the lake itself has turned into a sough-after set for many international productions. Lake Como became familiar to the greater public and it now occupies a special place in our collective imagination. And how could it be otherwise? Much has been written to describe the lake Como phenomenon, the truth being that the reasons behind the area’s perpetual success lie in its evident exceptionality.

Lake Como Wedding

Very simply, you can find anything your heart desires in lake Como. The region exudes artistic greatness, be it in the numerous Liberty villas, like the famous Villa d’Este, and their universally admired gardens, or in the vast range of museums scattered all across the territory. Convents, palazzos, and castles: every Italian architectural style is represented. History is everywhere and the area has a strong reputation as an ethnographic and archeological site.

And then there are the locals, with their discreet charm and competent hospitality. You will fall in love with the place and its people almost instantly. Lake Como has of course an enviable culinary tradition that can satisfy even the most prepared palates. Wine tours and cooking retreats with accomplished chefs and sommeliers are easily available all year round, as are all types of sports, from golf to trekking, to yachting and sailing.

Photo: Duepunti Wedding Photography