The market of destination weddings in Italy is an incredibly competitive sector. We have been designing and planning wedding in Italy for 7 years and more. We are very confident about our ability to offer a service that stands out for its quality and uniqueness.

But what makes us so different, you might ask?

Our knowledge and experience in destination wedding in Italy

First things first: we know Italy and the areas we cover as the backs of our hands. Our country is considered one of the most breathtaking places on Earth, and rightfully so. Italy has absolutely no secrets for us. We will show you the most gorgeous views, unveil the hidden treasures, find the perfect wedding venues, and help you experience all the wonders Italy has in store for you.

We put our years in the field of wedding planning at your complete service. Our multifaceted expertise is comprised of a deep understanding of the territory, its culture and tradition, a profound passion for the arts and their application in everyday life, and finally, an eagle eye for detail. We are experts, in other words, and we use our knowledge and sensitivity to craft events and weddings that perfectly suit your needs and desires.

A personalized and detailed approach

Planning a wedding is not an easy task; you definitely can’t improvise your skills. We are happy to say that our wedding planning process is tested and solid. We know what we are doing and we only surround ourselves with the best professionals and artisans.

We especially enjoy the planning stages of every event, getting to know our clients, and listening to their ideas and vision. The main reason why we are so good at what we do is that we sincerely love hearing your stories and thoughts; the people we work for continuously inspire us. We then let our Italian creativity do the rest. No request is too challenging for us, we want to see you happy, so much that we have made a career out of fulfilling your dreams!

Incredible destinations for every taste

Our wedding and service packages suit every need and we can offer a wide range of different experiences. All our destinations are accessible and conveniently located on the beautiful Italian territory. But your personalities and your individual stories are the most important factor and the starting point of everything.

All you desire is a glamorous and glitzy wedding? Take a look at what the world-famous lake Como has to offer. Or maybe you’re a fan of La Dolce Vita style? Then the Cinque Terre are the destination for you. Perhaps you are in the mood for a romantic getaway: lake Orta is the hidden gem you were waiting for! Or, more simply, are you looking for that unforgettable Italian experience? Well then, Lake Maggiore, with its beautiful scenery and historic peaks, is the place for you. Whichever destination you choose, one thing is certain, we will make your wedding day the most special and amazing.