Welcome and thanks for visting us at Princess Wedding. I’m Sara and I am an italian wedding planner, my specialty is organizing and designing some of the best destination weddings in Italy.

If I had to describe my job, I would say that I craft emotions and I transform those magical connections linking people, places, and feelings into an exclusive and unforgettable moment: your wedding.

For me organizing a wedding means being able to express each individual’s emotions through objects, colors, places. All the beautiful aspects of the Italian heritage and culture are the precious instruments I use, the shades of my palette.
Italy’s art, nature, culinary and enological tradition, breathtaking beaches and warm light, all its locations full of history, each incredible scenery: literally everything the country has to offer can represent and complement the unique bond that unites those in love.

My chosen attitude towards life is to be open and ready to be amazed by the stories every object carries within, from the very fabric things are made of, to the peculiar nature of a place, to its enchanting light. Wonder is truly everywhere.

I like to offer my know-how and expertise to curious people, marvelous and inspired souls who dream of an elegant and exceptional wedding. I live in the most romantic part of Italy, close to the big lakes and the Ligurian Riviera, and not too far from the ever mesmerizing Venice.

From here, I travel anywhere together with my team of craftsmen, talented artisans, restaurateurs, and creatives to give shape to your dreams and make your wedding atmospheric, original, and extraordinary.

I work with Cristiano, my husband since 2002, who takes care of all the visual and musical aspects of our events. Together we organize destination weddings in Italy for couples who love and cherish beauty.


Your italian wedding planner: the process

Our professional style is pretty distinctive and we like to involve our clients at every step of the way, this allows us to always achieve our best while also making sure we are fully expressing your vision. If our work pleases you and satisfies your expectations, it means we have done our job well, and that’s simply our highest goal.

Let us guide you very quickly through the process of designing and planning your wedding in Italy.

We get to know each other

First and foremost, we like to get to know you a little better. After we have gathered a better idea of your tastes and personalities, we jot down a proposal for your wedding taking into account your style, your wishes and your budget. If you like what we offer, you can hire us and sign the contract.

Choose the right service for you

We offer different types of services/packages you can choose from: 


We are a team!

We work as a team. We carry out your ideas relying only on the best suppliers and creative minds around, choosing the most special wedding venues and locations. We select these professionals according to the project that we have designed and created for you. We then introduce you to the most fitting team of artists and vendors we can put together.

We design your wedding

When designing your special day, we tirelessly look into every detail, be it organizational or aesthetic. We pick the most suitable materials, we study the most expressive color combinations, we jot down sketches, we find or even create from scratch the perfect settings, and we decorate every venue according to your vision, employing the most carefully crafted objects and furniture.

You and us

We will frequently update you about how things are progressing and the state of each creative effort. We will take care of every detail and we will put our years of expertise in designing and planning weddings in Italy at your complete service.

On the big day

On the day of your wedding we will coordinate every single aspect and we will be by your side at every moment. We will stand by you, probably get emotional with you and laugh with you! But mostly, we will make sure everything goes smoothly and joyously. We always maintain a close rapport with our clients and we absolutely love when they come back to visit us for a hello. Our arms and hearts will always be open for you!